Juno Jensen is an interdisciplinary artist working in the intersection of music, sound, film, performance, photography, text and design. As a composer, vocalist and producer, she’s best known for her distinct, dark and cinematic combination of acoustic and electronic sounds, releasing music under the alias of Pieces of Juno, and working in a genre she herself identifies as Northern Noir. Jensen is born and bred i Fredrikstad, but resides and works in Oslo, Norway.

After composing the music for four short fictional films from 2018 to 2021, Jensen took the leap and debuted as a film maker with the short documentary film “And the earth swallowed us” in 2021, a meditative and poetic take on the inherent uncertainty of being. Filmed in the ruins of a terrible landslide, the film serves as a historic document, a poetic internal passage and a musical composition.

Photo: Tonje Thilesen

Jensen is a versatile artist whose work is audiovisual and conceptual. Her artistic practices are informed through her education in film, media and communication studies. Jensens approach is often spiritual and all-encompassing, with recurring themes such as existentialism, trancendence, spiritualism and the layerings of the mind

Her solo musical project, Pieces of Juno, was founded after a dream in 2012. She took up music production, learning the craft of beat production in Los Angeles, and released several remixes, mixtapes and three instrumental EP's with experimental club music.

After years of producing electronic instrumental music and DJing the underground club scene in Oslo, Jensen gradually found back to her roots as a songwriter, and released an album tetralogy based on the various stages of self-knowledge and the layerings of the mind; Kalopsia, Tacenda, Metanoia & Euthymia (2015-2020).In 2021, all four pieces were made available in a limited pressing on vinyl, available through the webshop.