Photo of a stormful beach and a man in Southern Norway Photo of a cabin in the woods in black and white, mirrored in the river Photo of a woman with red hair sitting in front of red lanterns hanging from the trees Photo of a car backing out of a gallery with yellow headlights Black and white photo of 1980s car parked in the woods Photo of a woman in her 70s in a state of surprise and in front of purple bushes Photo of a yellow lightbulb in front of a dark, blue sky Photo of a man working on music, reflection in the back mirror Photo of Ted Parsons from Swans and his belly button in front of a kitchen cabinet, wearing a Swans t-shirt Photo of Ralph Myerz on crutches backstage right before he's about to enter the stage Photo of Hanne Kolstø in front of green trees x Photo of icicles in Norwegian woods Black and white photo of a woman wearing a mask